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The star of Gyro-Cam has left my garage and is now flying around Northern California. Click the image for a Gyro-Cam Review.

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Construction Log / Hours Summary

What's Gyro-Cam?

Gyro-Cam was a custom system of hardware and sofware that I used to auto-record my Gyroplane construction project as it happened in my garage in 1999. The end-result is a time-lapsed video of the entire project from start to finish. The system also auto-uploaded the latest image to this web page for the world to see.

This project took over 4 gigabytes of disk space (I saved a 320x240 YUV and a 640x480 JPEG every minute) and produced an 80 megabyte MPEG movie that runs for 12 minutes at 20 frames per second. I'm happy with the way it turned out and will be copying it to video tape soon.

Example Images and Movies Available Here

Did you miss Gyro-Cam? Or want to see the project again? Check out these links:
Monthly 640x480 Images
The last full-scale 640x480 image from each month of the project. This is a good quick overview of how the project progressed and what was displayed on this page over time.
MPEG movies!
Time-lapsed MPEG videos of the gyroplane construction project.
Static Example Demo images
A collection of 4 pictures and their differences, demonstrating how the timelapse software "sees" differences. These frames are from the first day with the camera installed.
I'll probably start recording flight testing information soon, back on my main gyro page:

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