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Hehe, pretty funny, over decade old home page below, mostly obsolete. What I mostly do now is raise 4 kids with my wife. But for fun I have just a few software projects out there on github/twitham1 or you might find me on linkedin.

Tim Witham Tim Witham.

Quick Link to Weather at Tim's House!

Quick Link to N199TW: My RAF 2000 Gyroplane

You may send me E-mail from here.

I'd Rather Be Flying!

I'm a Private Pilot with an Airplane Single Engine Land rating. I would rather be flying my RAF2000 gyroplane. If sport rotorcraft sounds interesting, check out The Popular Rotorcraft Assocation. I'm also a member of AOPA.

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What I do for fun

I fly!

I build aircraft and things.

I hack on code and gadgets for Linux. My primary projects are:

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