Belinda & Richard Mitchell: Gypsy Sweetheart Swindlers

Gypsy Witch on the loose! Belinda was paroled by November, 2005. She is now terrorizing a city near you!

If you want to take down this site, you can buy it from me for my cost of $. This is the unpaid balance on Mitchell's court ordered restitution.

Please let me know if you have a picture of Linda's husband ("brother") Richard, or any other information about these gypsy families or their crimes.

Pictured here is Belinda Mitchell, aka Linda Mitchell, a convicted felon that spent 2 years of her 4 year sentence in California state prison. She and her gypsy family stole everything I ever had through a heartless crime called the sweetheart swindle. This page is to expose how the Mitchells and other gypsy witches pull this scam, in hopes that it might prevent someone from going through the torture I survived and to collect further information in hopes that justice may be served in my case.

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gypsy: When I use the word "gypsy" in these pages, I am referring to the Mitchells or other similar gypsy criminals. Unfortunately, the Mitchells are the only gypsies I have ever met. They have been proven to be deceitful evil psychopaths in a court of law. If you think this page gives their people a bad name you are right. The only way to change that is for them to quit doing their crimes, but that does not seem likely to happen. Our criminal protection system lets them get away with it, at your expense. These criminal gypsies are leeches on society and must be exposed for who they are.

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Table Of Contents

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